StartFruit is a trading company located in Almeria, one of the main agricultural area in Europa. We work in the packing, quality control and importation and exportation of fruit and vegetables from Spain and Italy.

Our staff have a wide experience in fruit and vegetable trading, working in the sector since the 1980’s. StartFuit was born from need to constantly improve our service to keep up with the ever changing needs of our clients and suppliers.

Our main aims

Fullfilling the needs of our clients

We supply our clients with whichever products they require at any given time, assuring them the highest quality.
We are present in diverse areas of production in Spain and Italy, which allows us to have a wide range of products to offer our clients.

Meeting the needs of our suppliers

We provide our suppliers with the most direct route through our distribution channels to ensure their products arrive to market in the best condition.
We work with a wide network of collaborators to make this possible.


We have a wide range of products on offer for our clients throughout the year.


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24 February, 2023|Comments Off on IT’S BLUEBERRY TIME AGAIN!

The 2023 season has just started for the Spanish blueberry. Often labelled a “superfruit”, this dark blue-coloured and sweet fruit is incredibly good for your health. It is rich in vitamins C and K, low [...]

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27 January, 2023|Comments Off on WE START THE STRAWBERRY SEASON

We have just started the spanish strawberry season for exporting to different countries across Europe. Strawberry is a seasonal fruit which is commercialized from January to June. This red-coloured fruit is healthy and rich in [...]


13 December, 2022|Comments Off on IT’S KAKI TIME AGAIN!

The 2022 season has started for the kaki (aka persimmon), a 100% Spanish product. Kaki is an autumn fruit (from October to January). This smooth-skinned and orange-coloured fruit is healthy and rich in vitamins A [...]

Quality, food safety and environment

At StartFruit Import Export S.L we efficiently supply fresh, healthy and seasonal products.

All our products comply with the strictest Food Safety requirements, we guarantee traceability, transparency, and integrity in all our operations. We are present throughout the supply chain, from production in the field to marketing.

They are the acronym for “good practices in agriculture”, this certificate guarantees the quality of the product, complying with European standards in terms of quality and food safety.

This certificate guarantees traceability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain.


  • Phone: +34 950 02 00 45

  • info@startfruit.es
  • Workplace:
    34 José Artés de Arcos Street, Local V5-V6.
    Almería 04004
  • Fiscal address:
    13 Lima Street, Floor 1B
    El Ejido, Almería 04700