Startfruit is a fruit and vegetable supplier based in AlmerÍa (Spain), one of the main production areas in Europe.

We have been sourcing high-quality fruit and vegetables from Spain and Italy for more than 30 years to sell to our clients across Europe and are now experts in our field.

Our main objectives

Meeting the needs of our customers

We provide excellent quality in all our products and as we have a presence in different production areas across Spain and Italy. We have a wide range of products on offer for our customers throughout the year.

Meeting the needs of our producers

We have extensive distribution channels available to our suppliers and partners so their products can arrive on the market as directly as possible and under quality-controlled conditions.


We have a wide range of products on offer for our clients throughout the year.



16 October, 2020|Comments Off on IT´S KAKI TIME!

We would like to introduce another essential autumn fruit. The season has started for the kaki (aka persimmon), a 100% Spanish product.  This smooth-skinned and orange-coloured fruit is healthy and rich in vitamins A and [...]

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9 October, 2020|Comments Off on IFS BROKER CERTIFICATION

Startfruit was awarded the IFS BROKER certificate in June 2020 as a demonstration of its commitment to meet the highest quality standards across all its products and services with a particular focus on food safety [...]

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1 June, 2020|Comments Off on STONE FRUIT SEASON

IT IS SUMMER AND IT IS STONE FRUIT TIME! Peach, Nectarine, Paraguayo, Apricot and Plum ... the tasty, juicy and refreshing spanish season is here. All varieties are ready to load from Spain in Murcia, [...]


  • Phone: +34 950 02 00 45
  • info@startfruit.es
  • Workplace:
    34 José Artés de Arcos Street, Local V5-V6.
    Almería 04004
  • Fiscal address:
    13 Lima Street, Floor 1B
    El Ejido, Almería 04700


    We ensure comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain, ensuring that products comply with legal and contractual specifications.