Our watermelon and melon campaign has begun in Almería with an extensive offer of varieties for the marketplace. In the middle of June, we will continue in Murcia and later in Castilla La Mancha guaranteeing supply until the end of the summer.

New products in this season include Mini Organic Watermelons, Cantaloup Melons and White Melons.

For watermelon we are offering Stripy Seedless Watermelon, Seedless Black Watermelon and Mini Matermelon (organic and regular). The sizes vary from 2 to 10 pieces depending on the variety.

In our melon range we are offering Galia, Honeydew, Piel de Sapo, Cantaloup and White. The sizes vary from 3 to 12 pieces depending on the variety.

For more information you can contact to our sales department +34 950 020 045 or  javier@startfruit.es