We have just started the spanish strawberry season for exporting to different countries across Europe.

Strawberry is a seasonal fruit which is commercialized from January to June. This red-coloured fruit is healthy and rich in vitamins C, they are antioxidants, have an anti-inflammatory and anticancer effect, and it helps to regulate intestinal transit.

Startfruit´s strawberry comes from Huelva area in the south west of Andalusia (Spain). We just select optimal varieties to export it such as Calinda, Victory, Mirambella and Palmerita.

We just export first class (extra quality) and it can be packed in 1-2 kg layered and punnet 250gr, 400gr and 500gr.

Contact our sales team on email info@startfuit.es or phone +34 950 02 00 45 to place your order.